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KERA: Syeda Hasan
Some Kids Blame Themselves For Mom's Sadness.
Talking About It Can Help.

As an adult, Dolin sought treatment for her own mental illness. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and she's experienced postpartum depression. For years, she struggled to find her way.
*Named one of KERA's Best Stories of 2020

Ignite Your Beacon: Manda's Musings
Beautifully Broken

Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") is the Japanese art of repairing pottery using precious metal as part of the repair. This process shows the beauty in the broken, it celebrates the damage instead of hiding it and pretending the damage never happened. This is such a beautiful idea to me. The idea that our scars are what makes us beautiful; that the “damage” is what makes these pieces unique and special.


Ignite Your Beacon: Manda's Musings

Last August I decided to redecorate our living room. My marriage was over, and I wanted a space that I created for myself. In this process, I bought four plants that were supposed to be easy to keep alive. September comes and goes; they are alive, then October, November, December, January, February, and March go by; they are all still alive. It was like a miracle to me. I had kept FOUR plants alive for months, and I felt like I was winning.


Happiness Journey with Dr. Dan:
Where every journey is worth living.

Amanda Dolin worked for over 20 years to find a diagnosis for her mental illness. After years of trying and several suicide attempts, she finally found answers despite being misdiagnosed over and over. Six years after her diagnosis, Amanda is now a certified professional coach working with women ready to play big.

Happiness Journey Cover.jpeg

The Changes In Our Lives: With Stacie Crawford
Episode 11: Amanda: I’m Not Done With You Yet

Join me as I speak with Amanda Dolin, Professional Certified Coach and creator of The Mental Society. Amanda shares her mental health journey and the impact she’s having on the world because of her own experiences.

Full Value: With Kathy Bleier and Shelia Hatch
Season 1: Episode 13: Amanda Dolin

Amanda Dolin, Energy leadership Coach with a Master's in Counseling Psychology, candidly shares her journey with mental illness, being diagnosed, and acceptance.   She advocates for mental health awareness and accessible affordable mental healthcare for all.  Listen in and learn how she is shedding light where there is darkness. 




ThinkTech Hawaii
Lillian's Vegan World:
 A Journey Toward Health and Hope.

The host for this episode is Lillian Cumic. The guest for this episode is Amanda Dolin, MA. Weighing 322 pounds, miserable and suicidal, guest Amanda Dolin turns her life around with IF (Intermittent Fasting), and a whole foods diet along with exercise. 140 pounds lighter, a normal BP, hypertension gone, cholesterol down from 200 to 138, and escaping diabetes (A1C from 6.6 now at 4.9), Amanda is here to tell her story of how she regained her health and has found a new love for life.


Soul Talks with Proffit and Paul
Episode 3: Connection

Amanda Dolin of Ignite Your Beacon Coaching is our guest. She is a Mental Health Advocate and Coach helping women connect with themselves. Amanda shares her heartfelt and authentic story of the moment that changed her life, and how connection with others brought her from her darkest depths to a space in her life where she is using her experience to enrich the lives of her clients and community.

#IAMRemarkable with Amanda Dolin & Alison Proffit: 
#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Why is it hard to share why to own and share why you are REMARKABLE? Join us for this discussion and share your own #IAmRemarkable.

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